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Settler pogrom at West Bank village

Some 20 settlers rioted in the West Bank village of Jallud, near Ramallah, on Jan. 2, according to the residents. Witnesses said the settlers shattered the windows of one home, assaulted three residents, vandalized a parked car, and then fled the scene. The attacked residents were taken to a hospital in Nablus by the Red Cresecent. The incident took place hours after a similar incident was broken up the IDF, leading to a clash between the settlers and soldiers. The IDF said the settlers arrived in Jallud and began pelting Palestinian reisdents with stones, damaging cars and intruding into a local home. IDF forces were dispatched to the scene and dispersed the rioters.

An IDF statement said: "The IDF treats such public disordered very seriously, as they may destabilize the area and force the IDF to divert attention from its primary mission—protecting Israel and its citizens." (YNet, Jan. 2)

On Jan. 3, an Israeli undercover force raided the city of Jenin, sparking clashes with Palestinian residents. Agents dressed as Palestinians, accompanied by army units, entered the city's industrial zone and surrounded a bakery and number of shops. During a raid on the home of 93-year-old Amneh Hisnawi, who was alone in the house, Israeli army dogs attacked the elderly woman, requiring her evacuation to an Israeli hospital. Around 500 Palestinians hurled rocks and firebombs, and burned tires. The troops apparently responded with love fire; one young protester was wounded in the leg by live bullet and taken to a local hospital, a Ma'an reporter said. Dozens of Palestinians also suffered tear gas inhalation.

A similar incident was reported Jan. 1 in nearby village Tamoun. At least thirty people were injured with live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas during the clashes, after undercover forces arrested a member of Islamic Jihad. (Maan News Agency, Jan. 4)

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