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MK manipulates African asylum seekers

The racist MK Michael Ben-Ari (no relation with author) and Kahanist resident of the Jewish settlement in Hebron, Itamar Ben Gvir, have reched a new low. They paid some 40 asylum seekers from Darfur, Sudan, and Eritrea to swim in the posh Gordon pool in Tel Aviv, in a provocative act which, they believed in their racist minds, would scare pool goers. In Israel, like in the US, there is a division along the lines of city and country. Tel Aviv residents tend to be liberal and progressive, and the settlers on the hills and mountains of the West Bank are conservative and reactionary. MK Ben Ari and Ben Gvir are right-wing extremists who have advocated the forced reptriation of asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea. They claim that it is because they are concerned about the "Jewish character of the state". The latest provocation marks a new low in the shameful treatment of aslyum seekers in the state that was created as a haven for refugees after WWII.