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Bob Marley's heirs threaten right-wing Israeli MK with legal action


Heirs of late reggae superstar Bob Marley have sent a warning letter to MK Aryeh Eldad, threatening legal action over the unauthorized use of the song "Iron Lion Zion" for propaganda purposes, Ha'aretz reported May 6.

In the film clip, which has been removed from the Internet following of the warning, the National Union (HaIhud HaLeumi) MK is shown with his grandchildren, while Marley's song plays in the background. Added to the lyrics of the iconic song were phrases promoting Eldad's political views:

If you support two states for two peoples, where one of them is Jordan, if you are against the Arab occupation, say 'Amen.' Just one hope on the right [wing], Yes.

This is, of course, a barely veiled call to "transfer" the Palestinians into Jordan.

The Jamaica Observer tells us the letter was sent by a lawyer for Media Men Group, Israeli representative for Universal Music Group, which owns the rights to Marley's posthumous 1992 hit. "Marley’s heirs are deeply hurt by the stated rights violation and the extreme, overt and insulting political use of the late Mr Marley’s creation and legacy, which, putting it mildly, humiliates him and his efforts," said the lawyer, Amit Karmon.

Orly Marley—wife and manager of Marley's son, Ziggy—said that Marley heirs must "sue without exception" anyone who creates unauthorized Marley products. Orly is a native of Israel. 

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