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ANSWER bars Libyans from Libya event

A report on Feb 17th, website of the Libyan Youth Movement, states:

On June 16th, The ANSWER Coalition in LA held an event titled "Eyewitness Libya" with Cynthia McKinney, part of Cynthia's nation-wide tour to continue to propagate Gaddafi’s lies. Members of the Libyan community in LA were prevented from entering the room in which the event was being held, on the basis of "seeming like they may cause trouble". They stood outside as others were allowed in, although many of them were invited to the public event. It was ironic that an event discussing the situation in Libya did not host any Libyans to speak in the panel or even allow Libyans to enter the room to participate in the discussion.

We weren't there, so we can't vouch for this version of events. But we noted back in the early days of the Arab Spring that ANSWER and its affiliated entities, who were cynically protesting US support for Mubarak, would be placed in a sticky spot if the Arab Spring spread to Libya and Syria—dictatorships they avidly support. Now it has come to pass, exposing their moral bankruptcy. We have more recently noted Cynthia McKinney's shameless shilling for Qaddafi. So we ask again: When will ANSWER (and its related entities IACWWPPSLTroops Out Now) be purged from the anti-war movement, and when will Cynthia McKinney be purged from the leadership of the Green Party?

Also, we'd like to know if the new United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC)—whose founders include Sara Flounders of the International Action Center (IAC), a flack for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and for Saddam Hussein as well as Qaddafi—is yet controlled by this odious entity. Because, as we pointed out before, principled alliance with these thugs is a simple impossibility.

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