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Liberal hypocrisy: Whole Foods edition

I'm finding it wearisome to be so focused on Israeli issues when most of the people who eat up all the bad shit about Israel and boycott Israeli products kowtow to one of the most sordid companies in America. The fact that left-wing people who are boycotting Israel yet give all their money to and sing the praises of fucking evil Ass-Whole Foods is just one of the things showing me the hypocrisy of the left.

I have Muslim friends who are so gaga over Whole Foods’ Ramadan promotion but still talk about boycotting Israeli products. It's maddening to me. Boycott ALL that isn't fair, not just who won't give you a Ramadan special!  They were angered when theyfound out the Whole Foods was letting go of their Ramadan campaign, but when they heard it was actually only a response from irate right-wing bloggers in only one of the 12 regions that Whole Foods serves, they were posting just how yummy the new Halal brand they are carrying was. Unbelievable! If it was a Jewish company, they would have flipped out! I write to them about the evils of Whole Foods and they flat out ignore me and start getting even louder about how great Whole Foods is!  I know what's going on in Israel is fucked up, but I feel sometimes that the disdain for what's going on there is biased, because the same people who say Israel is evil shop and support with all their heart so many other fucking evil things that they have in their lives every day. If you're going to be against an entity that is oppressive, keep it real all the way!

Do some research on Whole Foods and their fascist evil ways. I can't believe how it's frequented by so many people who consciously boycott Israel yet seem to approve of anti-union policies, extreme food wasting, making sure that the poor or people who hate waste DON'T get the good products they throw out, their deli food IS NOT fresh as they say (it's shipped in and re-heated), largest mark-up per product in grocery business, so known for its upscale clientele that the other customers make you feel like shit and stare at you if you are black (my and many experience), prices are extremely high and it seems that they want a certain type of consumer to always be kept out. Fuck Whole Foods!!!!!!!!!

Whole Foods is the Starbuck’s of supermarkets. When they move into a neighborhood, the apartment prices go up, little fresh markets close down and the low to middle class have to move out to make room for the liberal intellectual elite. Alright, so it’s kind of worse than Starbuck’s, but you get my drift. There are people in neighborhoods where Whole Foods wants to move in and they’re making petitions for them to stay out. Like this one:

Whole Foods even admits that they can’t keep genetically modified foods off the shelf. Fuck that! Yes they can! They just don’t want to. You also would never ask, because everyone trusts them so damned much! It’s preposterous. Has Whole Foods announced this in their shops for all of their consumers to see in plain view? Nope. They did send a slick-worded e-mail about it to their customers though:

Let’s also look at what Whole Foods founder, John Mackey says about the universal right to health care: When you’re done reading, close your mouth and process that this man is a right-wing, quasi-fascist. I thought liberals didn’t want to support these types? Well, every well-meaning bourgeois bohemian that shops at Whole Foods does support one. No wonder the company is anti-union and pro-waste.

Even if the people who shop there knew the Whole truth, they wouldn’t care. Whole Foods is getting to be like a fucking country club. How many times have I heard people start a sentence with, “I was shopping in Whole Foods the other day and guess who I saw? (Fill in famous liberal here)! Can you believe it!?” I always have to hold in my fury, but then calmly mention how no one should be shopping at Whole Foods and here is why. I usually get cut off or see their eyes glaze over. Then comes the usual, “Well, where else would you have us shop?” I say shop at a food co-op that will get you locally-grown and seasonal products from small farms, that don’t lie about what they are selling you, and are fucking HALF the price! Then I usually hear some lame-ass shit about food samples and ambience. What the fuck!? Ambiance??? You’re getting groceries, not having a god damned martini!!! Go to the farmer’s market!

Yet these same folks scream out about boycotting Israeli products because they say that it’s an apartheid state. Come on, you can feel that way, but sometimes it seems as if it’s just a fashion trend to say this when those same people drink crap coffee from Starbuck’s, shop at Whole Foods and but their clothes from GAP Inc.

Berkeley, CA, has it good. They have two Berkeley Bowl markets that kick Whole Foods' ass! Their prices are reasonable, their deli products are actually fresh, it’s huge and they don’t make fake claims on their products. Also, their workers are urged to join the workers' union. Go figure! The Whole Foods in Berkeley is so in the shadows and no one that I knew there ever shopped there because, as they say, “Why would I purposely go to Whole Foods???” Point taken.

If we want to stand for the right things and keep our money away from the wrong people (which I thought the Israeli boycott was about), then we must do it consistently. We call Israelis hypocrites for their atrocities to the Palestinians as they tout their democracy. Liberals need to look into the mirror, dig deep inside and see how in their buying habits they are being some of the biggest hypocrites themselves


You're offensive, poorly

You're offensive, poorly informed and a shonde to the Jewish people.

You're looking in all the wrong places when it comes to picking out which organizations to boycott.

Oh, yes, next time somebody you love needs a cat scan, start praying to Netanyahu, as he is almost single handedly keeping that country safe from hateful, moronic people like you.

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