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July 21, 2011

One year after the announced "easing" of the Gaza siege, the IDF releases a report boasting of improved conditions in the Strip. But the Israeli rights group Gisha crunches the numbers to reveal that the "easing" is more illusory than real.

A year has now passed since the Israeli government announced its decision to "expand the civilian policy toward the [Gaza] Strip" and "ease" the closure.

July 7, 2011

As participants in the Gaza flotilla return to the US, their ships impounded by the Greek coast guard, Israel and the blockade-busters are waging a propaganda war to spin the affair before world opinion.

The French-flagged Dignite, which slipped past the Greek coast guard bound for Gaza earlier this week, was detained by the coast guard while refueling in Crete July 7. A Greek official told CNN that the ship would not be allowed to continue on to Gaza.