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Israeli forces clash with al-Quds student protesters

Israeli forces fired tear-gas cannisters and rubber-coated steel bullets at al-Quds university students in Abu Dis on Sept. 8, witnesses said. An Israeli border police patrol stopped and searched several students at the main gate of the university in Abu Dis, inspecting identity cards and detaining several students for over an hour. Clashes broke out after university staff prevented Israeli forces from entering the campus. Over 30 students suffered from gas inhalation. Eight students were injured by rubber bullets and transferred to Abu Dis emergency center. Two university security guards were also hospitalized.

Executive vice president of al-Quds University Imad Abu Keshik strongly condemned Israeli raids on the campus, which have taken place several times since the beginning of the academic year. Israeli forces are trying to provoke students and create a sense of instability around the campus, he added.

Al-Quds university has around 12,000 students aged between 17-25 and is located away from residential areas, meaning that any Israeli patrol is likely directly targeting the university. The Palestinian liaison office has reported the incident to the Israeli side and urged them not to target university buildings.

Israeli forces claim that they are stationed near al-Quds university campus to oversee construction and maintenance work on the separation wall, Abu Keshik said. Fatah official Anwar Bader strongly condemned the raid and called on international and human rights groups to intervene. 

From Ma'an News Agency, Sept. 8

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