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Israeli forces delivered evacuation orders to around 100 Palestinian families in the northern Jordan Valley ahead of a training exercise, declaring the area a "closed military zone."

Palestinian Authority employees, who held a general strike last week, will shut down the West Bank again this week to protest non-payment of their salaries due to Israeli sanctions.

Legal action is threatened against Hungary's far-right Jobbik party after lawmaker Marton Gyongyosi called for an official "list" of influential Jews in the country. 

A report on an Israeli TV news program charges that coercive contraception is behind a 50% decline in the Ethiopian birth rate in Israel over the past decade.

Israeli government officials announced plans to build 3,000 settlement units in the critical E-1 area of the occupied West Bank—a day after Palestine was admitted to the UN.

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a resolution to upgrade Palestine to a "non-member state" at the United Nations, implicitly recognizing a Palestinian state.

Israel launched new air-strikes across the Gaza Strip, even as Egypt's foreign minister Mohamed Kamel Amr announced a ceasefire to end eight days of violence.