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Israeli security forces restricted access to al-Aqsa mosque, fired tear gas at anti-wall protesters in the West Bank village of Bil'in, and launched air-strikes on Gaza on the first Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Twelve Israeli settlers accused of setting fire to Palestinian mosques, property and vehicles have been slapped with restraining orders limiting their movement in the West Bank, the military announced on the recommendation of Shin Bet.

Some 150,000 took to the streets in cities across Israel—the biggest protests the country has seen in decades, to demand action on rising rents and the high cost of living. But right-wing politicians seek to scapegoat African immigrants for the crisis.

As pledged, Egypt's Salafists marched en masse on Tahrir Square, where the secular opposition was holding a thousands-strong rally. No violence was reported, but the Salafists were clearly vying with secularists for control of the square.

The latest round of UN-brokered Western Sahara negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front ended without agreement—as Rabat signed contracts with foreign oil companies to explore in the occupied territory.

One year after the announced "easing" of the Gaza siege, the IDF releases a report boasting of improved conditions in the Strip. But the Israeli rights group Gisha crunches the numbers to reveal that the "easing" is more illusory than real.

The human rights group B'Tselem finds that more than 800 Palestinian youths under the age of 18 charged with throwing stones in the West Bank over a six-year period have been imprisoned—while imprisonment of minors is illegal in Israel.