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In a move blasted by rights organizations, Israel's Supreme Court ruled that buildings of the Ulpana settlement outpost on the West Bank, ordered destroyed because of a claim by Palestinian land-owners, would receive a 60-day reprieve.

Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called for a new intifada to support the more than 4,000 Palestinian prisoners being held by Israel, hundreds of whom started a mass open-ended hunger-strike two weeks ago.

Thousands of Holocaust survivors from North Africa remain unrecognized by the State of Israel and are ineligible for compensation. The Jewish Agency delayed their emigration to Israel until after 1953—the cut-off year for Holocaust restitution.

UN aid agencies in the occupied West Bank protested that Israel destroyed 21 homes of Palestinian Bedouin refugees at Khalayleh north of East Jerusalem—leaving 54 people homeless, including 35 children.

A judge ordered ex-president Carlos Saúl Menem to stand trial on charges he impeded a probe into the 1994 bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association, the world's worst anti-Semitic attack since World War II.

The US Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in MBZ v. Clinton that the ability of a US national born in Jerusalem to list Israel as place of birth on a passport is not a political question, but remanded the case for a ruling specifically on the issue.

Released document reveal that the Civil Administration in the West Bank has for years covertly mapped available land, naming the parcels after existing Jewish settlements, with an eye toward expanding these communities.