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The simultaneous mainstreaming of the seemingly opposed phenomena of anti-Semitism and anti-Arab racism appears contradictory—for those whose thinking lacks dialectical spark.

Amid days of three-way violence on the West Bank between Palestinian protesters, Jewish settlers and Israeli security forces, global outrage is growing at the death of a young Palestinian man in a demonstration against seizure of village lands.

Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom appealed to Tunisian Jews to emigrate to Israel following elections that brought a moderate Islamist party to power—but was publicly rebuffed by leaders of the North African country's Jewish community.

Despite the media line that Greece's new "austerity" government is staffed by non-ideological "technocrats," the administration includes figures from the old-line Greek fascist right, spawn of the military junta that ruled from 1967 to 1974.

A funeral procession in the West Bank town of Beit Ummar erupted into clashes with Israeli forces after a Jewish settler fired on the group and Palestinian mourners responded by throwing stones. Israeli forces fired tear gas and live bullets.

Vandals torched three cars and scrawled hateful graffiti to mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht this year in Brooklyn's heavily Jewish neighborhood of Midwood. City politicians make the requisite condemnations—even as they betray the Palestinians with endless pro-Israel pronouncements. Where is the single-standard anti-racism?

Occupy Boston activists "stormed" the Israeli consulate in Beantown, chanting "Occupy Wall Street not Palestine." The activists were protesting the interception of the Gaza-bound "Freedom Waves" flotilla by Israeli naval forces the day before.