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The captain of The Audacity of Hope, a US boat carrying activists seeking to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza has been jailed in Athens. John Klusmer is being charged with two felonies, including "disturbing sea traffic"

Israeli Defense Forces arrested 23 Palestinians, including two members of the Palestine National Council, in operations across the West Bank. There are 6,700 Palestinians currently held in prisons and camps in Israel and in the West Bank.

The Audacity of Hope, US-registered lead ship in the Gaza aid flotilla, was stopped by the Greek Coast Guard just some 20 minutes outside the port of Perama. Athens says all ships bound for Gaza will be prohibited from leaving Greek ports.

An Israeli human rights group is appealing a judgement upholding the policy that allows Christians —but not Muslims—to exit the Gaza Strip for worship at Jerusalem's holy sites.

Jello Biafra, legendary lead singer of the Dead Kennadys, has finally agreed to cancel a scheduled gig in Tel Aviv, making the announcement in a slightly petulant face-saving statement.

An unauthorized Slavic Gay Pride march in St. Petersburg, Russia, lasted just four minutes —first violently attacked by hooded neo-Nazis and then dispersed by the police. 

Activists preparing the new aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip charge that Israel sabotaged one of their boats at the Greek port of Piraeus—and denied  Israeli reports that they intend to kill soldiers, using chemical weapons.