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The human rights group B'Tselem finds that more than 800 Palestinian youths under the age of 18 charged with throwing stones in the West Bank over a six-year period have been imprisoned—while imprisonment of minors is illegal in Israel.

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization released a statement confirming the occupied status of East Jerusalem, which is on UNESCO's "World Heritage in Danger" list, of threatened sites of global significance.

Four years after an order from the Israeli Supreme Court, the IDF demolished a two-mile section of the West Bank wall near Bil’in village. The demolition came after the attorney for the villagers threatened a contempt of court motion.

Israel's Civil Administration on the West Bank declared 189 dunams of land belonging to the Palestinian village of Karyut to be state land, to retroactively "legalize" a settlement outpost.

In a resolution that passed 406-6, the US House of Representatives threatened to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority if it pursues recognition of statehood outside of negotiations with Israel. 

As participants in the Gaza flotilla return to the US, their ships impounded by the Greek coast guard, Israel and the blockade-busters are waging a propaganda war to spin the affair before world opinion.

A new report by UN  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon into the violence along the Israeli-Lebanon border on Nakba Day harshly criticizes the Israeli army for using unnecessary force in firing on protesters.